Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sub Project: New Toys

Finally another post after a long time. Although there hasn't really been much progress made so far, I did finally get together all of the electrical supplies to get started. I still need to get some wood for the cabinets along with some glue (I'll be using PL Premium construction adhesive) to really get going.

Anyway, above are the 2 MFW-15 drivers that I'll be using. Next is the Behringer EP1500 amp that will be powering them. It'll put about 400 watts into each speaker, which is more than enough, so I should be good on that front.

Next are the Neutrik Speakon connectors I'll be using for the cables from the amp to the speakers. They've got a nice locking mechanism and are compatible with the EP1500.

Kind of a boring update, but stay tuned for more. I've found a place to get Baltic Birch plywood for the enclosures, but I still need to find a way to get the 5'x5' sheets from the lumber yard to my workspace.