Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sub Project: Almost There...

I finally managed to get through the finishing process. I know I had originally planned to put about 8-9 layers of topcoat on these, but it turns out they look pretty good after just three (and a fourth light one on the top and front). While I had them disassembled for finishing, I did a couple other things that I neglected to do the first time around.

The first of which was just because I had planned to open them up again, and that was adding bracing from the top to the bottom. I don't think it was an issue when I had them hooked up earlier, but I had the wood, and there was no reason not to. These things were solid as a rock before, and now they're even more so.

Next was something that I decided not to do at first, but ended up wishing I had done, and that was soldering the internal wires to the connector. The crimp on terminals I used didn't fit very well, and I was afraid they would come loose eventually. Now I don't have to worry about that.

I'll put up some beauty shots when they're fully assembled, and then do some more measuring when they're back in the system. I'm going to take the opportunity to compare these to my BIC Acoustech H100 (a ported 12" woofer). I'll do the normal frequency response, and try to work through some THD measurements.

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