Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Listen

Here's one thing that's been taking up a little of my time lately. It's a program from Harman Audio called How To Listen. It's used by Harman to train people on how to critically listen to recordings and evaluate their quality. I haven't been able to play around with it too much yet, but eventually I plan to take some time every day to complete some of the exercises.

So far, I've looked at the band ID module, and it starts out fairly easy, but as the number of bands increases it gets much more difficult. Around 5 bands, my scores started dropping pretty quickly.

To download the latest version of the program go here: How To Listen Version 2.04

Just as a side note, you'll need some fairly nice headphones for this to work well. Speakers probably won't be adequate.

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  1. I read what you had to say about this software, and thought it was pretty interesting! I've actually started training with it now; it's pretty cool.