Monday, April 18, 2011

Sub Project: Humble Beginnings

I had a lot of fun building the Overnight Sensations, so I decided to start a new DIY speaker project. This time I'll be building two subwoofers using the 15" Eminence MFW-15 driver. They will be a sealed design at about 2.8 cubic feet of internal volume. I'll be updating the blog with my progress as I work on these.

There isn't much to show right now, but I did finally get my feet wet with some modelling in Google Sketchup to test out a design I was toying around with. It turned out pretty nicely and I like the way it looks. I wanted to try something a little more special than the standard flat-black cube to set these apart since I'd be making them myself. The grey will probably end up being a dark gunmetal or something similar, though I'm contemplating veneer.

In any case, there's a long way to go before I start worrying about aesthetics, so I'll leave it at that for now.

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