Friday, April 1, 2011

Why I'm Here

I've tried blogs before, and they've often failed. And by "failed" I don't mean that they failed to draw a massive web-following. I've never aspired to have millions of readers hanging on my every word, or even to have any readers at all. I'd just like to have a place to share some of my thoughts or projects related to a specific topic. My previous blogs failed quite simply because they were slowly (or not so slowly) subjected to ever increasing neglect on my part. Who's to say if that will happen with this one or not? Certainly not me, but I'll make an effort to consistently update the blog with my latest audio escapades.

This brings me to the actual topic of the blog: my obsession with home audio. This will be a place for me to document various home audio related projects I'm working on or fiddling around with--which could include DIY speaker building and design, equipment measurement and room response analysis, as well as equipment placement and calibration. If there's nothing currently going on project-wise I'll still try to maintain weekly updates with some links to interesting audio theory, and my take on it.

With that said, welcome to "Sounds Good To Me." If you'd like to know more about anything I post, or have any suggestions, please leave a message in the comments section.

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