Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SEOS Project: Cabinets Complete

Around the beginning of the year, I finally completed the cabinets for the speakers, finishing the paint job, and adding some fiberglass insulation to dampen internal reflections.

The finishing was done with a 3/16" nap foam roller, and Rustoleum flat black enamel paint. Two coats were applied, with sanding in between using fine grit (320) sandpaper on a random orbital sander. The cutouts, and tight spaces, especially in the binding post recess, were painted using cheap foam brushes.

Lining the cabinets was the next step. I used standard R13 fiberglass insulation, cut it to size with a box cutter, and peeled off the backing before gluing it to the sides, top, and back of the cabinets.

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