Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sub Project: Circle Jig Test

I got a chance to test out the circle jig, and make sure I made any mistakes on my scrap pieces before going at the good ones. Above you can see that I modified the jig a little bit as a result of the test. I added a couple more holes to allow sawdust to flow through, and I widened the hole for the router bit so the collet could fit all the way through. Before, the bit wouldn't go deep enough to cut all the way through the 3/4" plywood.

I learned a couple other valuable lessons in the process: the first being that I shouldn't try to use the drill to back out the pivot screw. It just snapped off flush with the surface and I never managed to get it back out. I ended up just putting in another screw, which slightly shifted the circle.

I also learned that I should be careful about drilling the hole to allow the router bit to pass through. I drilled right where the edge should have been, and ended up with a little bump in the hole (seen in the bottom right in the image above). In spite of those mishaps, it turned out really well.

The hole measured exactly 13-7/8" in diameter, and it fits like a glove as the cutout for the subwoofer. Next up I need to trim a few pieces then cut the actual cutouts in the baffles before I can start gluing things together.

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