Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sub Project: Gluing Has Commenced

I finished up a little bit of gluing this weekend. First I marked up the front baffle pieces. I marked the holes for the driver in the inner baffle, and inserted some hurricane nuts (seen further below). Next I marked on the outer baffle where I would position the inner baffle, and drilled some pilot holes for screws. I glued up the inner baffle, placed it on, and used the screws to clamp them together for drying. Next I glued the sides and back to the front baffle to get the start of the final enclosure. After this finishes drying, I'll put in the bracing, and attach the top and bottom pieces.

Despite all the work put into cutting the pieces as precisely as possible, things still didn't line up quite as well as I would have liked, so I'll probably hit a few places with some sandpaper or the router to even it out before I put on the final pieces.

Above you can see the hurricane nuts that will be for the screws holding in the driver. They have barbs that bite into the wood from the back so that when you screw in the driver they won't just fall out. I still added some glue just to make sure they don't end up widening the hole or dropping out over time.

I don't have any pictures of the gluing process because it was pretty messy (the glue has the consistency of snot, and gets everywhere), and hard enough to do without an extra pair of hands. I learned a couple things from gluing the first enclosure that made putting together the second one much easier. I marked the exact positions of all the panels so I could worry about keeping the parts together and not have to check every couple of seconds if everything is aligned, and I made sure that no glue got on the scrap pieces I was using to spread out the pressure from the clamps. On the first one, one of the scraps got stuck to the cabinet. Thankfully I was able to get it off without too much trouble, but it left some debris that will need to be sanded pretty heavily.

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